Getting the North to work – and on the home run

VAMOOZ is our ground-breaking, industry leading way to bring buses to the heart of your thriving business. By working with you, we can start a new route bringing your community straight to your place of work.

Whether you’re relocating, expanding, struggling with car parking or just looking for a better transport offer for your team, it’s likely that VAMOOZ can give you a helping hand to set up new routes to your site.

We’ll work with you to identify where the demand for travel could be - and join you to speak with your employees. Then, we’ll use the crowdfunding technology in our app to check the viability of proposed new bus routes, so everyone – that’s you, us and your staff – can have certainty about the services.

You’ll get a safe and direct bus route with a regular driver, a good quality ride, free on-board Wi-Fi, and mobile tickets that work even if you don’t have data on your phone.

And this isn’t just for big business – if you’re a small company, we can still help by engaging with other nearby firms to get a fuller picture of travel demand where you are.

We know that if you’re a company with shift workers, people working part-time or a frequently changing workforce, a standard 9 to 5 office solution won’t always work for you. But that’s fine by us – we can adapt to most circumstances, so do get in touch by emailing: [email protected] and we’ll have a chat about your travel needs.


Always on top form for parents – and students!

VAMOOZ is top of the class when it comes to better home to school travel. We work with schools, parents and young people to create dedicated new routes especially for students, from just around the corner to the school gates.

Our buses are safe and direct, with a regular driver – and as always, we offer free Wi-Fi and mobile tickets that work without data on your phone. You can even track your bus before it arrives live on our app. And we don’t stop there.

Wherever we can, we’ll offer you travel on other buses in your area as part of your school pass – so you can get around in the evening, at weekends and even during the holidays.

We put you in the driving seat – as a group of parents and students, you tell us the best route for your special bus and the best timings for you. And as more people sign up to travel, we’ll drop the price for you because, as we always say – the more that ride … the less you pay.


We help local authorities to make buses work better

VAMOOZ is already crowdfunding new school routes that can be commercially viable to run. We’re not here to entirely replace local authority funded school transport, but in the right circumstances, we can help to reduce your school transport costs – and we’re always happy to discuss what we can do for you.

If your goal is easier travel – VAMOOZ is always a winner!

Our VAMOOZ team of champions can help bring sports fans closer to the action. Whether you’re a season ticket holder or just going to the occasional game as part of a supporters’ group or on your own, talk to us and we’ll work with you to make travel easier. 

We work with sporting clubs too – if you’ve got fans, we can bring them to you. And as part of an international company with plenty of experience in carrying Europe’s footballing elite, we know how to make sure your team travel in style.

Find out more about VAMOOZ and how we can help you – visit our dedicated website at: or drop us an email to: [email protected].