See your brand on our buses

Everywhere we go, so do you! It's the amazing new way to promote your business in the local community.

It’s working for prestige brand John Lewis – why not let it work for you?

We’ve all heard of billboard advertising – but it can only reach people in one place, where it’s on display. So how about taking your message further – much further – across Yorkshire and the North West?

John Lewis

We’re launching an amazing new way to place your business in front of potential customers – not just in one spot, but front and centre from city streets to country towns and everywhere in between, across Yorkshire and the North West!

This is more than just advertising. We’re offering your business the chance to sponsor one of our buses, encouraging everyone to travel to you on our buses while showcasing your brand to potential new customers in other cities and towns within easy reach of your front door.

Bus sponsorship with us is a brilliant way to raise awareness of your customer offer across a wider area than fixed-point advertising could ever do – our multi award-winning buses can be seen all over the region.

But don’t just take our word for it. We teamed up with prestige retailer John Lewis to trial this new concept using one of our stunning double-deck buses on the 36, running every 10 minutes between Leeds & Harrogate, to within a few yards of John Lewis’ newest store in the North, with five floors of shopping heaven in the Victoria Gate shopping mall opposite Leeds City Bus Station.

John Lewis Bus

Attracting your customers to reach you by bus makes sense. It takes away the hassle of congestion and car parking, and at the same time, helps your business to meet and beat carbon reduction targets by encouraging everyone to choose the most environment-friendly way to travel to you.

You’ll be amazed when you find out how little it costs to make this happen for your business. And if you join our fast-growing ‘Transdev Treats’ network of visitor, shopping and leisure attractions by offering our customers a discount when they reach you by bus, we’ll give you a special discount on your sponsorship deal.

Just think about it. John Lewis instantly saw the unique advantage in linking their brand with ours, and now their name can be seen across miles of Yorkshire town and country, inviting potential customers to hop on a bus and be chauffeur driven to the door of their store. It’s a formula for business success … and sponsoring a Transdev bus could be working wonders for you.

Get in touch with us to find out more about bus sponsorship right now, get in touch with our Commercial Manager, Matt Burley, on [email protected] - and very soon, your business could be on the road with us to amazing success!