Let's meet Vitto

1 year ago Wed 15th Dec 2021


Vitto joined us in May 2018 as our Head of Delivery, before moving up to become Operations Director in May 2020. His day to day role can be really varied, but he says "I usually start my morning early speaking to depots at run out and then I catch up with our engineering teams to discuss any fleet and engineering issues we may have. I like to visit our locations and see the team in action so I'm often working in lots of different places."

Vitto has a hand in a number of areas of the business "I may be involved with our next recruitment  campaign with The Academy and Marketing time or working on facilities improvements, or reviewing our monthly performance with colleagues in France. The best days are when I get to go out and about on our buses, catching up with the team and speaking to our customers."

Vitto's favourite part of the job is the variety "Getting to work with a range of people is really rewarding and makes things interesting for me. It's a great team and I'm proud to be a small part of it."

Vitto's most memorbale moment at work has been setting up one of our newer brands, FLYER; "Being able to deliver a new depot in the middle of a pandemic was a real challenge to everyone, but we pulled together and haven't looked back since. It's a real success story for our people and our business, and it will always stick with me as a memorable moment." 

In Vitto's spare time, he says "I have a one year old which has certainly kept me busy lately, haven't had much spare time. I do enjoy a pint or two with friends when I can."