Let's meet Phil

Phil Harris

Phil started as a driver in 2012, becoming a relief training officer a year later – that took him on to develop his career as a driving instructor, and then, as head of training which also involved becoming the company’s delegated driving examiner. Phil spent two further years with the training team before becoming Service Delivery Manager, and after another year, Operations Manager at Rosso. He nows leads our customer services team for all of our companies.

The day-to-day role is ever changing – Phil resolves makes sure we're giving the best possible customer service to our customers and makes sure the team is looked after. Every day has a different challenge – there’s always something new and progression and constant learning is the key. It’s never dull there!

Phil really enjoys the interaction with people in our team, and of course with our customers – he also manages Rawtenstall Bus Station, and there’s no better feeling than meeting and chatting with people in the depot or at the bus station. A good clean bus also brings a smile to his face!

The memory which stands out most for Phil was the fire behind Rochdale depot in 2020. As a team they worked right through the night alongside the emergency services – it was a complex operation, especially as entry to the depot was compromised due to the many emergency service vehicles which also had to be there. They even had drones flying above the site to see what was happening.

Phil thinks his colleagues see him as approachable, and always up for a laugh. At the same time, there’s mutual respect between them all, and he knows he's only as good as the colleagues around him.

Outside of work, Phil is a bit of a Bob the Builder – DIY is his thing! He also enjoys reading biographies and sampling the odd Costa coffee or two – and in the whole world, his favourite place visited has to be Miami, Florida, USA, awesome and exciting at the same time!