Let's meet Gavin

Let's meet Gavin

Gavin is on his second spell as a driver here, having joined the team at Keighley in 2015. He was also a driver with what was then Keighley and District Travel in 2005-2006. 

As traffic has returned to the road with the easing of pandemic restrictions, traffic delays and roadworks are a challenge. On the plus side, Gavin says it's great to see more customers have returned to the bus so we really need to be ‘on the ball’ with everything again.

Gavin was presented with the Customers’ Champion award in our Amazing Awards – he said it was a total shock to him, but nice to know that he must be doing his job well and making customers feel comfortable.

Gavin's colleagues would describe him as a bit of a workaholic – he's always willing to help out with anyone wherever he can! His dad always worked so hard to give me a wonderful upbringing, and was always there for him, so Gavin says he learned that from him.

Away from work, Gavin is part of a classic rock covers band, and he loves to entertain on stage. He's seen AC/DC perform several times and never tires of their energy and sound.

He also enjoys DIY at home – and his wife owns an American import Ford Mustang car, so drives out are a must!