Let's meet Douglas

2 years ago Tue 26th Oct 2021


Douglas joined our team back in august 2020 as Relief Duty Manager at FLYER. In June this year he became full time Duty Manager which he says is one of the most memorable moments of his time with us so far.

Describing his work as “different every day”, Douglas deals with everything from incidents & roadworks, to taking care of the staff in the depot, as well as generally helping services to run as smoothly as possible. “It can be very rewarding solving last minute problems that arise and helping people out” says Douglas, whose colleagues would describe him as easy to talk to, friendly and approachable.

In his spare time, Douglas enjoys spending time with his family, puzzles, and watching films. His favourite film is the classic Shawshank Redemption – “When life had thrown him a curveball and everything seemed lost, he managed to turn it all around and come out on top.”