Fairfield Hospital - Commuter Club

Commuter Club

We've got some amazing deals for people who work at Fairfield Hospital. All of our tickets cover our buses in the below area. To buy these tickets, you'll need to verify that you're an employee of Fairfield Hospital - once you buy your ticket, just follow the steps in the Transdev Go app to securely upload a photo of your ID card and get verified. This process can take up to 48 hours, but usually takes much less.

28 days - get unlimited travel for 28 consecutive days, great value for those who usually use the bus for 4 or more days per week. Plus you can use the buses when you're not working too. Just £54.90, working out as little as £1.96 per day

Ready to buy? Just click the ticket above, or if you need any help finding the right option for you, drop our team an email at [email protected].

You'll need the Transdev Go app to use your ticket, it's an easy & free download and means you can plan your journey, track your bus and see great places you can get to with your new bus ticket.

Once you've bought your ticket and it has been verified, you can activate it whenever you wish, so your travel doesn't have to start right away. When you're ready to travel, just scan the QR code as you get on the bus - if you're unsure, our friendly drivers will be happy to help you.

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