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Check which times are changing from 26 January

1 month ago Mon 23rd Dec 2019

6 Rochdale to Kirkholt

We’ll be running evening buses after 7pm Monday to Saturday and 6pm on Sunday under contract to Transport for Greater Manchester. First Manchester will continue to run daytime journeys. Our GM Saver tickets will be valid on the evening journeys, and also on our daytime R7 to Kirkholt via Turf Hill. System One tickets will be the best value if you want to use both First and Rosso buses.

See the new timetable here

R3 and R13 Rochdale to Wallbank

Unfortunately a low number of people are using some of the journeys on the R3 and R13. From 26 January those which only carry a few passengers will not be running. These are:

Monday to Friday:

6.59am, 7.17am and 9.06am journeys from Rochdale – for most customers there are buses on the 464 at 6.58am, 7.13am, and 9.13am instead 7.15am and 8.30am from Wallbank - there are 464 buses from Whitworth at 7.19am and 8.33am


5.21pm and 6.21pm journeys from Rochdale-  there are buses on the 464 at 5.28pm and 6.13pm 5.53pm from Wallbank - there is a 464 journey from Whitworth at 5.52pm 

See the new timetable here

R7 Rochdale to Castleton

There will be minor changes to times to improve timekeeping

See the new timetable here

464 Accrington to Haslingden, Rawtenstall, Bacup and Rochdale 

To help our customers, the buses from Rawtenstall to Haslingden at 6.16pm and 6.46pm (both Monday to Friday), 9.38pm, 10.23pm and 11.23pm (Monday to Saturday) will be extended to Accrington. These will provide connections to the Witchway for Manchester, currently provided by Red Express.

On Saturday the 10.23pm and 11.23pm will be retimed to  10.31pm and 11.28pm from Rawtenstall.

See the new timetable here

FASTtrax Bury - Rochdale 

The 2.40pm journey from Rochdale to Bury will be changed to leave at 2.20pm Monday to Friday. 
On Saturdays there will also be an additional journey at 3.40pm from Rochdale-Bury.
Look out for better buses on the way for FASTtrax in the New Year too!

See the new timetable here

8 Burnley to Bacup, Todmorden

Changes will be in place on the Monday to Friday buses, the 07:35 trip from Burnley will now serve Newline at 08:09 on schooldays only. The 16:10 trip from Burnley will now leave at 16:20 and run 10 minutes later throughout, also starting from Burnley college at 16:12 on schooldays only. 15:15 school day trips from The Valley Leadership Academy (14:45 on Weds) will now serve New Line at 1527 (14:57 on Weds) instead of Bacup St James Gardens. Lastly, the 17:15 trip from Todmorden will leave at 17:20 and run 5 minutes later throughout.

See the new timetable here



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