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We're getting back to normal with new timetables and more buses

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Network changes

We're making some changes from Sun, 27th Sep. See how this affects you…

    • 36
    Ripon & Harrogate to Leeds

    We can't reach our bus stop at the Royal Hall

    Ambulances using the road in front of the NHS Nightingale Hospital at the Harrogate Convention Centre mean we can't reach our stop at Royal Hall on The 36, Harrogate Electrics 3 and 24 for buses coming in to Harrogate. The nearest stops are opposite the Cairn Hotel or on Cheltenham Parade.

    Skipton Road roadworks affecting route

    From 21 July for at least one week, we will be unable to reach Norwich Drive stops due to roadworks. We recommend you use stops Harewood Drive or Crowberry drive during this time.

    Roadworks affecting some of our The36 stops in Harrogate

    🚧 The36 from Leeds to Harrogate is currently unable to reach West Park, Beech Grove and the War Memorial. This is due to roadworks on Parliament Street. If you wish to get off at these stops then you can stay on board if the bus is going onwards to Ripon, after Harrogate bus station. Please check with your driver first. ℹ️ Your nearest stop in Harrogate will be the Prince of Wales roundabout or Harrogate bus station. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.